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Introduction to our PVFAA Community Blog

Updated: Feb 5

The COVID-19 pandemic caught the entire world by surprise. What started as an unknown virus in China turned into one of the biggest public health crises globally.

The pandemic is likely something we will never forget. It forced us into lockdown and a lifestyle most of us never experienced before. From quarantines, isolations, masking, social distancing, travel restrictions, and numerous other measures aimed at "flattening the curve," we found ourselves adapting to a new "normal."

Over the three years of the pandemic, we encountered fear, anxiety, loss, loneliness, and trauma. However, amid these challenges, we also discovered joy in uncertain times through new hobbies, connecting with loved ones, and finding ways to appreciate life's simpler moments.

Though the pandemic was declared over in May 2023, it continues to leave a lasting impact on us and our lives. This community blog was created to discuss topics that can help us heal from the pandemic as well as highlight lessons and values we can take from those three years to bring with us as we move forward.

Check in regularly here on our website for new blogs written by our Community Health Workers and PVFAA members covering topics like health, mental-health, self-care and communal care, and other subjects as we navigate this world post-pandemic and heal together as a community.

If you would like to submit a blog, please email us at

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