A SEASON OF THANKSGIVING! A MESSAGE OF HOPE! The Perris Valley Filipino American Association, Inc. or PVFAA would like to extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation to each member-family and to our friends who devoted their time and resources in support of the organization . To our outgoing Board Members and Officers under the leadership of Mr. Val Arda, thank you so much for keeping PVFAA alive and true to its values.(Read more..)



2012 - IT'S A VERY GOOD YEAR. Another year is coming to a close, but PVFAA moves on in its commitment and mission to serve our members and our community. The first half of the two-year  term of Mr. Val Arda's leadership as Chairman of the Board has been truly full
of vigor and life. (more...)



15th YEAR ANNIVERSARY EDITION. We have seen the little children from birth grow up; we’ve witnessed the formation of, and losses in, families and relationships; we have served each and one to another; we have danced and sang to entertain the community and ourselves, some of us moved away and returned, but most of us stayed for the duration of this ongoing journey…….. (more)  



NEWSLINK March 2012 issue. The Induction of Officers  is a great time-honored tradition that our association (PVFAA)  continues to hold every other  year.  As your new chairman,  it is my honor and distinct privilege to proudly serve you as leader of this organization

      I believe that our association can achieve excellence in so many ways, and we will look to continue the long, rich history and traditions that have been exemplified by the members of this historic organization. (More)



December 2011 Issue.  The Perris Valley Filipino American Association, Inc. or PVFAA would like to extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation to each member familyand to our friends who unselfishly sacrificed and devoted their time and resources in support of the organization.

      Last July was our 14th year of existence.  And we are looking forward to another milestone on our continued service to the Filipino-American community in Perris and its surrounding communities. (more)




The Year That Was—PVFAA, 2010 By Milla Banks, Vice-Chair – External Affairs Indeed! 2010 was rife with the traditional events and a refreshing line-up of first time experiences that all made up for a wonderful year for the PVFAA friends and family in particular and the com-munity in general.  Highlights of the year that was:  April 10, 2010. The new set of officers was inducted into office with the gracious presence of Ms. Robbie Motter, Western and Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator of NAFE (National Association Female Executives). (more)




Pvfaa, In Retrospect by Mila Banks

 The Perris Valley Filipino-American Association, Inc. is now in its 13th year of existence. It was born out of a vision for gathering friends and families mainly for socialization by Eddie Init, who was then newly settled with his family in the City of Perris.


More and more friends and acquaintances joined and stayed, some came and went, but the group grew in num-ber and soon PVFAA was a main-stay in the calendar of the Bob Glass Gymnasium and the Senior Center in Perris, hosting dances, theme parties, birthdays, anniversaries and other family milestones. (more)





HIGHLIGHTS of 2008........

 Andrew Carnigie once said, “Team work is the ability to work together to-ward a common vision, the ability to di-rect individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain un-common results.” (more)




PVFAA, Inc. celebrates 10th Year Anniversary On July 28, 2007, the Perris Valley Filipino American Association, Inc. celebrated it’s 10th year anniversary. The theme for the night was “Gunitaing Muli” meaning to reminisce not only PVFAA’s many activities and achievements but also remembering our lives in the Philippines and the lively fiestas we hold year round. (more)



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