A Non-Profit organization in the Inland Empire

2017 BOARD ELECTIONS:  Primer, Nominees & Sample Ballot

        1. WHAT IS PVFAA’s ORGANIZATIONAL SET-UP?  The Board is the policy-making body and

direction of the Association and delegates its responsibilities for the day to day operation to the Chairman and the Executive Committee. [PVFAA Constitution: Article IV, Section 1]

       2. HOW MANY MEMBERS OF THE BOARD TO BE ELECTED? The Board shall have up to 13   

and no fewer than 9 members. At this election, the General Assembly will elect 13 Board Members and two Youth Representatives. [Article IV, Section 1]

 Past presidents and chairmen of the organization become de facto Board of Advisors exclusive of the 13 members of the board namely: Eddie Init, Fruto Mauricio, Dr. Clem Asperas, Prez Manaog, Rudy Castaneda, Mario Nazareno, Jr. George Manog, Valeriano Arda and Hermie Abrigo. The past presidents or chairmen can still be nominated and/or elected to any board positions.

       3. WHAT ARE THE QUALIFICATIONS TO BE ELECTED TO THE BOARD? Any registered member of the association who is active prior to his/her election is automatically qualified to run for the Board elections. He or she must have had a two (2) fiscal year membership with the organization. [Article IV, Section 5].  A Youth Representative can be nominated and/or elected from the ages of 13 years old to twenty four (24).

       4. WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY AN ACTIVE MEMBER? An active member shall mean that he or she paid his or her membership dues, attends, supports and/or helps in PVFAAI sponsored activities prior to his/her election.

       5. WHO WILL NOMINATE THE CANDIDATES FOR THE BOARD? The current Board Members can nominate as many candidates for the board election. A member of the organization can also recommend a candidate or candidates to the current Board.

       6. WHO CAN VOTE? The Executive Secretary will publish the final list of members who are qualified to vote. Members who can vote must have a one (1) fiscal year membership (18 years or older) with the organization. Prior to the election, members will have to bring their dues up to date on top of $10.00 membership due for the year 2017 before he or she can cast his or her vote. MEMBERSHIP ANNUAL FEES: Members are advised to pay their dues for the 2-year term or an option to pay 3 years for only $25.00. New memberships will be accepted during the election night but cannot cast votes.

       7. WHAT IS THE ROLE OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY? The General Assembly is the total registered members of the Association. Every two years, the GA will elect the 13-member body of the Board plus two Youth Representatives through a majority vote. The General Assembly is the law making body of the organization.

       8. HOW DOES AN ELECTION WILL PROCEED? The Committee on Election shall disseminate this Election Primer with the names of all qualified candidates and official voters list to the General Membership two weeks prior to the election. The General Assembly will elect the 13-member Board through a secret balloting. In case of a tie for the 13th and 14th slots, a new round of secret balloting will follow (or a toss-up, if so desired by the tied parties). Or a majority of the current Board members.

 If it is impossible for a member to come on Election Day to vote, he or she can mail or e-mail his or her ballot. However, e-mailed or mailed ballots need to be validated or authenticated by the ELECOM. During the counting of votes, if a voter writes Eddie and Lovina Raines, the votes will be deemed invalid. A voter must write Eddie Raines in one slot, and then Lovina Raines in a separate slot.

The registration and voting will start at 6:00 p.m. and will end at 8:30 p.m. The counting of ballots will follow immediately (November 4, 2017)  VENUE: 1st Congregational Church, 100 N. “A” St., Perris California.

      9. EARLY SUBMISSION OF BALLOTS. Registered voters who want to cast their votes ahead of the

November 4, 2017 election can submit their ballots to the ELECOM during the “PASAYAW” on October 21, 2017 (Saturday) between 6pm to 8:30 p.m. VENUE:  First Congregational Church of Perris, 100 N. “A” Street, Perris, CA 92570

      10. ELECTION DAY.  The election will be held on November 4, Saturday at 6pm—8:30 pm.  After that, counting of votes will follow. Venue: First Congregational Church of Perris, 101 N. D Street, Perris, CA 92570.

      11. The Electoral Committee is composed of 2 to 3 members or a maximum of 5. The members of the Electoral Committee can vote. Past chairmen are automatic members of the Committee on Election.

    12.  AFTER THE ELECTION, WHAT’S NEXT? Once the 13 Board Members are elected and proclaimed, a Board meeting will follow immediately to elect the members of the Executive Committee, namely: Chairman; 1st Vice-Chairman (Internal Affairs); 2nd Vice-Chairman (External Affairs); Executive Secretary; Treasurer; and auditor. The Secretary, Treasurer and Auditor may be appointed outside of the 13-member Board [Article IV, Section 10]. If the new Board cannot convene a meeting after their proclamation, a special meeting will be set for this purpose.




   (13 to be elected)


1.      Abrigo, Andro

2.      Albright, Chita

3.       Arnett, Gigie

4.       Banks, Mila

5.       Careso, Myrna Leon

6.       Cline, Katrina

7.       Dalessandro, Sol

8.       Dingal, Ernie

9.       Lawrence, Rosalita “Rose”

10.       Lopez, Charina

11.     Manlunas, Gene

12.     Nazareno, Agnes

13.     Ombina, Leonardo

14.     Ombina, Marichu

15.     Peralta, Eppie

16.     Raines, Eddie

17.     Santos, Connie

18.     Sikhon, Ditas

19.     Sucgang, Erwin

20.     Tawagon, Teo Pastor

21.     Tibayan, Solly

22.     Terle, Ubalde (Bading)

23.     Torre De la, Tony

24.     Torre De La, Tess

25.     Walczak, Feren



       (2 to be elected)


1.      Arnett, Bo

2.      Banks, Denise

3.      Nazareno, Ansen

4.      Ombina, Leona

5.      Ombina, Marcel

6.      Ombina, Michelle